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Love is Love..

Happy Birthday Fran!!!!

We love you!!!! Enjoy this special day with your friends and family

And I have 1000 followers! I Can’t thank you enough!!!! Thanks for all the support!

Fran and Shiva got married! Congratulations &lt;3

Fran and Shiva got married! Congratulations <3

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Max: Of course I respect your opinion. Don't I?
Niles: Absolutely, Sir.
Fran: Well, maybe when I happen to agree with you. Right, Niles?
Niles: Absolutely, Ma'm.
Max: And when does her opinion ever agree with mine?
Niles: Never, Sir?
Fran: And when has he ever even asked me my opinion?
Niles: Never, Ma'm?

The Nanny - s6ep3 “Once a secretary, always a secretary”


Flawless logic.

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Flawless logic.

me when my otp finally gets together

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The Nanny - s6 ep22 “The Final”

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Happy 56th Birthday to The Queen of Pop and my idol of 16 years!♀♥

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The Nanny S04E11 - Hurricane Fran

Fran Drescher, 

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Fran Drescher, 

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TV Couples I Miss:

17/?—Fran & Max

"No please, don’t go Miss Fine. Miss Fine, come back. Fran wait!"

~Season 5 Ep. 13—Call Me Fran

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Here's A Thought - 8-14-14 - Fran Drescher - from TradioV

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Charlie and Fran reunite!

Love them so much!!! 

Love them so much!!! 

Happy Birthday!

Happy bday blog!! It’s 2 years old now :)